Practical Baby Care Workshops Blossoming Baby Antenatal, baby signing, baby first aid, child paediatric first aid, baby massage and sensory play, practical baby care, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Norfolk, Suffolk

This 3 hour practical and fun workshop is for parent-to-be at any stage of their pregnancy and is all about preparing you for the day when you first hold your baby in your arms.
The session includes :
  • Baby Care Basics - a hands-on chance to learn how to hold your baby, dress, nappy changing, cord care, bathing and winding. Expectations around sleeping and feeding are also explored.
  • Baby Safety -€make sure you are up to date with recommendations and guidance for keeping your baby safe.
  • Parenting Choices - reusable and disposable nappies, baby wearing, routines and being baby-led, your choices are uncovered and explained.
  • Baby Calming -€learn to interpret baby'€s cues and techniques for calming your baby'€™s cries using the concept of the '€˜Fourth Trimester'€.
  • Role of Dads ​-€“ how dads can bond with their little ones and how they can be actively involved in caring for them.
Our antenatal workshop will enable you to explore your choices so that the decisions you make for the care of your baby are individual to YOU, YOUR unique family and YOUR individual baby. 
This workshop now forms part of the NEW NatalFamily Preparation To Parenthhood Couples 5 Week Antenatal Course, alongside the Natal BirthWorkshop and BabyNatal Baby First Aid

Private 3 hour workshops are available - 
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